Heath is featured in Monocle, Ape to Gentleman and more

Heath is about quality, fuss free products that deliver - we can say it till we’re blue in the face.  But when the message really begins to resonate is when the grooming press start to talk.  We’ve been gobsmacked by some of the brilliant supportive coverage that’s coming in as the range filters into the stores.

This week, the inimitable Ape to Gentleman, one of the top men’s fashion blogs in the UK wrote an amazing, full length piece showcasing the range - we were all pretty chuffed.  Brilliant blog packed with fashion, grooming and style - and now, Heath!  Read the full feature here.  Then, over Men’s Fashion Week early last month, Teo Van Den Broeke, man-about-town of inimitable style, taste and charm - and British Esquire’s Style Director to boot - wrote a brilliantly supportive piece on the range in his ES Magazine column.   Their Instagram feeds are on point @apetogentleman @teovandenbroeke.

Then there was Monocle magazine.  Monocle was founded by style god, Tyler Brûlé whose FT columns have us hooked - especially the ones about his Canadian grandmother.  A film score to follow we wager.  Monocle previewed Heath in the May print issue as the racing green bottles and tubes were making their way onto the shelves. And then, there was Mr Brûlé’s almer mater, Wallpaper - a terrific Gallery shout-out (Wallpaper’s Bites - Bare faced: 8 June).  All magic - good karma for Heath as it starts its journey.  We hope you’ll join us along the way.


Heath Reads

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