Modern Grooming - Protecting your Skin from the City

We’re all well aware of the effect that modern life is having on our bodies. The lung damage caused by breathing in toxic, polluted city air and the impact on our eyes, sleep, posture (and emotional well-being) from living a life glued to our screens are well documented. But are we taking seriously enough how these things are also affecting our skin?

Traffic pollution has been cited as the single most toxic substance for our skin, acting as a catalyst for wrinkles, age spots, dry skin and redness. Dust, fumes and smoke permeate our skin when we’re out and about in the city, which can break down its natural barrier and increase sensitivity. Once our skin’s barrier is weakened, we are more exposed to the city’s harmful dirt and grime, as well as damaging UV rays. At Heath we have set out to create a range of essential grooming products to tackle the demand that a busy schedule and tough environment place on it every day.

Heath Face wash provides a gentle, natural, exfoliation for removing the day’s build up of pollution on the skin, helping to reducing pore size as well as improving the skin’s texture and vitality. Both our Cream Shave and Post Shave Repair are designed to reduce irritation on the skin and keep it hydrated, with our Post Shave Repair assisting in protecting the skin’s natural barrier after shaving. So you can be confident that even with daily shaving, your skin is being protected.

We also, however, need to be wary of the dangers to our skin indoors. Recent studies have raised concerns that ‘Blue Light’ which is emitted from our digital device screens can lead to premature ageing of the skin. Blue Light, or HEV (High-energy visible light), can lead to the formation of free radicals in the skin. These rogue skin aggressors cause oxidative stress and this leads to skin ageing, inflammation, increased wrinkles and age spots.

In answer to the Blue Light question, our award-winning Heath Moisturiser has been formulated with a new generation active ingredient that protects skin, Soliberine® NAT which works by reducing the production of free radicals cause

d by Blue Light. It is derived from high-altitude Buddleja officinalis*, more commonly known as the butterfly bush. And as with all our products, ourmoisturiser is paraben and sulphate free.

According to a recent report, the average person will spend 5 years and 4 months on social media in their lifetime, compared to only 1 year and 10 months grooming. With so much time spent in front of a screen, and only a fraction of that in front of a mirror, today’s man needs to be sure his grooming regime is providing all the care his skin needs. Our entire Heath range is built on the foundation of creating skincare solutions that work with the demands of a busy modern lifestyle, making it easy to incorporate essential skincare into your daily routine.  

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