Blue Light and Soliberine ® NAT

Blue Light Protection for your Skin
(Or, why Heath helps protect your skin from Blue Light) 

Heath is about creating skincare solutions that work with the demands of your lifestyle and enhance your skin. Heath Moisturiser, powered with a newly developed ingredient called Soliberine® NAT, is a great example. Here’s why.

We are exposed to devices - computers, laptops, mobile phones - constantly. And, digital overload aside, these devices pose a potential problem not just for emotional wellbeing, but for the skin. The reason? Blue Light.

The damaging effects of UV on the skin are already well understood. And increasingly, the ageing effects of infrared or IR rays. Approximately 50% of free radicals formed in the skin are as a consequence of UV and IR rays.

Blue Light is a visible light wavelength present in daylight. But there are also artificial sources, more commonly known as LEDs (light emitting diodes), given off by the devices we use every day. But what does this mean for your skin?

Studies have shown that Blue Light from digital screens can lead to the formation of free radicals in the skin. These rogue skin aggressors cause oxidative stress and this leads to skin ageing - inflammation, increased wrinkles and age spots.

To address this problem Heath Moisturiser has been formulated with a new generation active ingredient that protects skin from Blue Light, Soliberine® NAT.

Soliberine® NAT works by reducing the production of free radicals caused by Blue Light. It is derived from high-altitude Buddleja officinalis*, more commonly known as the butterfly bush.

*The Buddleja is a hardy plant found in the mountains of China that has adapted to high levels of UV exposure and is high in antioxidant phenylpropanoids. Using these powerful antioxidant benefits, this newly developed ingredient helps protect the skin from Blue Light.