A Short Guide to Male Skin


We start out as babies with smooth, soft skin, boy or girl.  But once the teenage years kick in men’s skin begins to change.  The male hormones activate, sweating increases and men start to grow a beard - the traits that will then define what men need for keeping skin clean, hydrated and healthy.  

Here are some of the defining characteristics of men’s skin. 

Male skin is thicker

Yup, it is coarser and rougher in texture than women’s skin.  In fact, research shows that male skin is around 25% thicker.  This, say the experts, is down to the effect testosterone, the male hormone - also present in women, but to a lesser degree - has on skin.    

Men’s skin ages better than women’s

Men’s skin is set to age more slowly than women’s because it’s thicker.  This helps slow down the breakdown of collagen and elastin (which give young skin its plump, elastic, jowl-free look).  But relax not!  Men tend to be less adept at remembering to put on sunscreen than women – so skin often ages faster.  Heath Moisturiser contains Soliberine NAT, which helps protect skin from ageing UV, IR and Blue Light. 

Men’s skin is more oily

The oilier nature of most men’s skin is down to the male hormones.  It produces more oil and sebum, so is prone to breakouts.  But on the plus side, men’s skin is better at keeping itself moisturised.  A gentle exfoliating face wash used daily to slough off debris (Heath Face Wash is great) will keep skin clean, pores clear and spots at arms length.  

Male skin needs soothing skincare

Men shave most days, so skin can become sensitive and red.  With every sweep of the razor blade a fine, albeit dead layer of skin cells is removed.  This is essentially a mild, daily exfoliation that leaves skin fresher and brighter.  But it can also leave skin more sensitive - Heath Post Shave Repair is formulated with Comfrey and Aloe Vera to soothe and comfort.  

Male skin is a slow healer

Studies suggest that men’s skin heals more slowly than women’s. This may be partly down to the male hormone, testosterone.  Skincare with soothing ingredients that help support skin repair are a definite go-to.