Mr Matthews’ 10 Top Grooming Tips


Top London barber and Heath fan, Ian Matthews gives his 10 top grooming tips. 

Need To Know: Ian Matthews is London’s most highly respected barber and the UK’s leading expert in men’s grooming. Mr Matthews ran the barbershop at Geo F. Trumper where he set up the world’s first shaving and grooming school. Today Mr Matthews is based at the exclusive Bath & Racquets Club in Mayfair. His client lists comprises some of the most prestigious names in publishing, politics and sport.


1. Your three top tips for a smoother shave?

  1. The end goal of a smooth shave isn’t just down to how close you can make it. It’s about not having razor burn and neck irritation - think cool, calm skin…

  2. If you can, shave in the shower - the steam and hot water prepare your skin and this will give you a much smoother shave, leaving skin calm not irritated.

  3. A good quality shaving cream is a must. Go for one with lubricants to help the razor glide across the face - Heath Cream Shave is ideal. There’s no need for a shaving brush to apply, just use fingers and work cream into a lather.

BEST BUY: Heath Cream Shave 


2. How do you avoid ingrowing hairs?  

If prone, avoid shaving so close that you can’t feel any stubble. Always shave in one direction, downwards not upwards. Never be tempted to pull ingrown hairs out with tweezers. Lift the hair from under the skin and then shave gently. 

3. How do you calm razor burn?

Rinse skin with cool, fresh water and pat dry, then apply alcohol-free aftershave cream to calm it down. Razor burn is a sign you’ve shaved too close and applied too much pressure. So go easy and be happy with a little bristle at the end of the shave.

BEST BUY: Heath Post Shave Repair 

4. What should you do if shaving is uncomfortable?  

Reduce the number of strokes with the razor and wait till tomorrow morning when you can follow my three tips for a smoother shave, above. 

5. Cure for breakouts?  

Exfoliate the face regularly to remove dead skin cells and reduce the chance of developing spots. Heath Face Wash with exfoliating Black Lava and Charcoal is great. 


6. Tip for dry flaky skin?

The soap you’re using to shave with may be too drying. This, together with not using moisturiser after shaving, can lead to dry, flaky skin. Try putting on a little moisturiser before bed as well as after a shave to keep skin nice and soft.

BEST BUY: Heath Moisturiser 


7. How to avoid beardruff?

As above, avoid harsh soaps and use alcohol-free moisturiser after shaving. Massage into your skin through your beard. 


8. Reduce the odds on cuts and nicks?

Follow my steps 1, 2 and 3 for a smoother shave, above, and that'll do the trick. 


9. Ouch! How to treat a shave nick?

Always have a Styptic Pencil in your kit just in case it happens. If you don't have one apply cold water with a face cloth - press against the nick and don’t rub. 


10. The ultimate razor?

The best razor is without doubt, Gillette Fusion Power. It really is "The Best a Man Can Get”.