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Essential fuss-free skincare and grooming for men

Heath is a new 5 step range of skincare and grooming solutions inspired by the Urban Natural Lifestyle. Think modern, pioneering formulations that deliver results fast and without fuss.

Our products are crafted with natural actives to treat men’s skin and make his grooming routine even better. They are packed with high potency natural ingredients and new generation actives at highest levels to make them as effective as possible.

Every product has been fine-tuned in response to men’s demanding lifestyles. Add to this that each ingredient has been chosen for its specific tried-and-tested benefits for men’s skin. For example, Heath Moisturiser is formulated with Soliberine® NAT, a new-generation active that protects the skin from the harmful effects of Blue Light emitted by digital devices – an absolute necessity for men in today’s always-switched-on world. We have launched with just 5 products. The 5 essentials we believe men need, every day. We will add to the collection only when we believe there is a need.

Heath is packed with high potency naturals and new generation actives at highest levels for maximum efficacy. Each ingredient has been chosen for its specific tried-and-tested benefit for men’s skin.

A Father-Son Story

Heath is the brainchild of Denis Aaronson, founder and Managing Director of British beauty company, Heathcote & Ivory.

Denis, father of four including a son, Harry, tells the story of how he first got to thinking about doing a skincare brand for men. It's simple really. He wanted to create a range that he would enjoy using as much as his son, Harry.

As the story goes, Denis was playing squash with Harry one morning (he is an early bird). Who was on the winning streak, history doesn’t relate. But after the match they got chatting about men’s grooming products (as you might when your dad runs a fine toiletries company). About who used what and why.

Harry was a fan of a luxury brand known for its cool, utility packaging and great formulations and fragrances. Denis meanwhile tended to use the simplest, least costly products he could find. Share they didn’t. But wouldn’t it be good if they could find a product they both wanted to use?

And there was the challenge.

The result is Heath.

Contemporary and stylish. Superb quality. New and natural ingredients. No-fuss.

We believe Heath is the kind of range that all men will love. Fathers, sons, brothers – men seeking great, fuss-free skincare that looks sleek in the bathroom, feels good on the skin – and smells good too. And women too! It would be great to hear what you think.


Denis Aaronson Managing Director of Heath
Denis Aaronson Managing Director of Heath