Modern British Grooming


‘A face cleanser you’ll look forward to using each morning.’

‘The packaging is simple and sophisticated, the products well-formulated and effective and of course, there’s nothing stopping these clever products from being used up by a man or woman.’

‘Blue Light from screens has been established to be one of the most damaging aggressors for our skin and to find this technology in a product at such great value is both a rarity and godsend.’ 

‘Heath’s Post Shave Repair balm really does the job when you’ve gone a bit hard with the electric razor.'

‘It may be one of the greatest hand creams we’ve tried. Not only is it efficient, it smells utterly divine thanks to its mix of lavender and mint.’

Our ethos
Developed by experts

Designed, formulated and crafted for men


Heath products are carefully formulated with at least 90% natural ingredients


Free from parabens, sulfates and microbeads. Suitable for vegans and not tested on animals

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