8 Steps to a Smoother Shave

8 Steps to a Smoother Shave

Apr 14, 2021Adam Shabbo

1. Begin with a minute or so under a hot flannel to soften up the skin and beard. Even better, have a hot shower. If skin is cold the beard’s bristles are less flexible which makes a close shave harder to do.

2. Squeeze a dollop of Heath Face Wash into a palm and rub hands together. Then smooth over your face adding warm water, to deep clean and slough off grime and dead surface skin cells. This will give you a fresher, cleaner looking face as it helps unclog the pores. It also smooths skin which gives a closer shave.

3. Slap on a few squeezes of Heath Cream Shave using your fingers to spread it over your bristles. Its softer and creamier consistency is less drying than aerosol foams and gels. It also makes for a more comfortable, less scratchy close shave.

TIP: Apply Heath Cream Shave with a shaving brush to help lift off the hairs at the roots and give you a super-closer shave.

4. Top London barber, Ian Matthews recommends a multi-blade safety razor. Start with sides first, then neck and chin leaving the moustache till last. Follow the grain of the beard – the downward direction the hair grows. Occasionally shave across the grain but never against, as this will lead to nicks and cuts.

5. Keep feeling the skin to look for unshaved bits. Slap on a bit more Cream Shave if needed. Once the skin has been shaved close, move on.

6. Rinse off with cold water to help calm the skin and close the pores. Pat dry with a towel – anything more vigorous will only aggravate an already delicate post-shave skin.

7. Follow with Heath Post Shave Repair with soothing Allantoin and Aloe Vera to calm and desensitise the skin.

8. Finish with a layer of Heath Moisturiser, to soften and hydrate your skin leaving it matte not shiny. It has the added benefit of Soliberine® NAT, a new, advanced ingredient that helps protect skin from Blue Light emitted from digital devices – products of Urban Natural environment of today’s world.

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