Building a Male Skincare Brand With Purpose

Building a Male Skincare Brand With Purpose

Oct 19, 2022Harry Aaronson

Today, brands carry an enormous responsibility. They influence decisions, they influence opinions and can heavily impact the way you feel about yourself. This was always something that myself and the team were aware of as we set out to build Heath as a brand – the impact that we might have on people, and how we always wanted it to be a positive one.

My name is Harry and I am the co-founder of Heath Skincare. Heath was founded in 2017 out of a metal tin of samples that I keep on my desk to this day. It’s a small reminder of how something so small and so unassuming can later become something of such substance. My father and I were both based in London, dad was busy building his own beauty and personal care brand in North London, and I was working for a real estate investment firm. Clearly, life would later lead me down a different route.

Like many with my finance background, I would inevitably fall victim to the intense London way of living. That intensity was the catalyst of Heath’s conception, acknowledging the role that Heath could play in supporting the urban man who lives in a world that doesn’t switch off.

Dad is brilliant at giving wise advice. Regardless of what advice he’s giving you, you know that it’ll be delivered in most eloquent way. I took a lot of inspiration from him when starting my first job and would lean on him to help me navigate life in London. One thing that dad was particularly persistent about was taking time away from the office to switch-off, disconnect. He always said that ‘the rest would follow’.

Since a little boy, one of our favourite pass-times was squash. Every Sunday we would play. I would love it since it was quality time with Dad, and of-course dad loved it since it was quality time spent with me… lucky guy! Later, once I had experienced London in my mid-twenties, I would discover our weekly squash game to mean much more than just father-son bonding. It was a chance for him to take time away from the office, switch-off and disconnect.

For him, it was a moment that he took for himself.

One Sunday in October, dad and I had just finished up a game at the Bath and Racquets Club. We were sat in the changing room as conversation naturally shifted to men’s skincare. It was a limited conversation where we arrived at a simple conclusion - there is no authentic grooming brand that embodies simplicity, well-designed products that men would be proud to show off and not hide away inside a bathroom cabinet.

This would later become my brief, and with it I got to work.

The brief was later refined and a thoughtful price point was important to us. We didn’t want Heath to break the bank, but we wanted to build a range that was still luxurious. Ultimately, we wanted the wiggle room to build products that worked. We sourced the best ingredients from around the world so that we could achieve the strongest dermatological results. An example of this is our Face Wash. Basic exfoliant particles that are used widely across the market just wouldn’t cut it for Heath. We found ours in Iceland, the only place that produces consistently fine, natural particles that exfoliate and purify the skin without being too abrasive.

Phrases like ‘is it really strong enough?’ and ‘what does it actually do for the skin’ were practically brand mantra’s when developing our core range. But we knew we had to be more specific when educating our customers. To build a strong formula that’s understood by all, you must have a purpose. We wanted ours to be authentic and unique. Living in London, there are certain byproducts of your lifestyle that impacts the skin. Of-course wherever you are in the world you will be faced with skin aggressors, but when you live in the city those aggressors are accentuated. The urban microclimate that you face on the morning commute each day. The relentless social scene that takes its toll on the skin, body, and mind. The pollution, grime, and bacteria that your skin defends against. Even the phyto ageing blue light that you’re exposed to whilst at your desktop or Iphone. The list goes on. We worked closely with out laboratories to formulate the strongest formulas that protect the skin. Whether it’s healing skin that’s been weakened by your intense lifestyle, or simply restoring its natural barrier and strengthening its defence against aggressors.

This is something that we did well. We would later become the pioneers of incredibly innovative ingredients like Soliberine NAT – a botanical derivative of the butterfly bush, a plant found at high altitude in China, that has evolved over centuries to defend against the harmful rays of blue light. Our passion has always been educating the customer on things that can help them.

Protective skincare for the urban man became our mantra.

I found myself with a skincare range. Made in England, Heath as a brand became a mix of the things I was most proud to talk about. Natural formulas with high efficacy and a range that seamlessly fits into your existing morning routine. We were contemporary with a nod to tradition. Much more than Skincare, but a lifestyle brand with the functionality that met the demands of the Heath Man, someone who demands more from his grooming routine.

It felt like the winning combination, but something important was missing.

Brand building is emotional. When someone looks at your logo, uses your products or sees one of your ads you want it to induce positivity. Despite its importance, it isn’t enough to have great products with strong formulas. Stronger, healthier skin that is protected doesn’t induce positivity, feeling good does.

I took myself back to my earlier chats with dad in search of the missing piece of the puzzle. I stumbled back upon the foundation of escapism. The way that my dad and I would set aside time for ourselves and switch-off in the switched-on world that we lived in.

My goal from that point onwards was to offer protection for the urban man, but from every angle. Functionally, dermatologically, and mentally. I wanted to be the brand who reframed skincare as a wellness moment. A moment every day where men could indulge in meditative fragrances and the feel-good benefit of a refreshing overhaul of your face. I wanted Heath to be a non-negotiable in his daily routine, protecting his skin and restoring a mindful balance.

Now that we’re here, I hope that the rest will follow as my dad says.

Discover the Heath range, learn about how a skincare routine can benefit you and take a moment for yourself.


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