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Look better, feel better: how to turn your grooming routine into a wellbeing one

Dec 07, 2022Harry Aaronson

Headspace and hot yoga aren’t the only wellbeing tools worth having –a daily skincare regime is too. Here’s how to transform yours into a wellness regime that that will have you feeling, as well as looking, better in minutes.

By Lee Kynaston

You might not realise it, but the time you spend shaving, showering and looking after your skin may be some of the most useful ‘me time’ you have. Use it wisely and you can turn a simple skincare routine into a wellbeing routine that will boost your mood, reduce stress and improve the overall appearance of your skin. In fact, you could say good grooming is the first step on the path to wellbeing. Here are three ways take your daily routine to the next level.

De-stress with a shower

Man has known about the restorative effects of being near waterfalls and crashing waves for millennia but only in recent times did we discover their mood-altering magic might be down to the negatively charged ions created by the running water. It’s why the air feels curiously calm after a thunderstorm and some research has shown that as well as helping alleviate stress these ions may help with sleep too.

So, use your shower as five-minute therapy and if you’re feeling brave make it a cold one – there’s some evidence to suggest cold showers can help boost the immune system. Since cold water constricts blood vessels it’ll help shrink you your eye-bags too. Result all round.

Use your scents

Numerous studies have shown that fragrance can affect our wellbeing but you don’t need to see an aromatherapist to get the benefits – just taking a few moments to fully appreciate the aroma of your skin and bodycare products as you use them can be beneficial.

With the smell of citrus fruits shown to invigorate and energise, Heath’s Relax Hair + Body Wash is the ideal way to start the day, while the Relax version, featuring comforting frankincense and cedarwood essential oils, is perfect to restore and calm both mind and body. Just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while using.

Even the refreshing smell of Heath’s Hand Salve or Moisturiser can act as a pick-me-up, so, once you pop a blob of either into your hands, rub and cup over your nose first, taking a moment to inhale the aroma before applying, taking a couple of deep breaths to help you stay mindful. Think of it as aromatherapy in a tube.

Make it mindful

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? It’s a masterclass in how sure and steady wins over speed and haste – and one that’s just as applicable to your grooming regime. Heath’s Moisturisers and Beard Oil, for example, work best when carefully massaged in (by using your fingertips you’ll also improve microcirculation in the skin, helping improve its appearance).

The same applies to shave creams, which need to coat wet stubble and the skin beneath thoroughly to be at their most effective. So, take time to massage in and enjoy the sensation – the longer you take the more you’ll help lift the stubble in readiness for shaving. In fact, it’s estimated that the force required to cut hair with a razor is reduced by up to 70% if you leave prepped stubble for just two minutes before shaving, so take your time and be more mindful.

This is particularly important when shaving since most nicks and cuts happen when we’re rushing. Focus on making short, 2cm strokes and focus properly on the force required to remove hair, feeling the blade go to work. That way you’re less likely to apply too much pressure.

Bottom line? Be present. Slow. Everything. Down. Be more mindful. Because the more thought you put into your skincare the more you’ll get out of it.

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